Warranty and return policy

EEHOOK warranty and return policy

Because we thoroughly inspect all items in our stock and ensure the condition they are in is as we describe we can provide a warranty on every products we sell. The length of the warranty we provide is dependent on the age of the product. Put simply, the older a product the shorter the warranty. At the same time with our warranties we show that at a minimum the product is fully working when sold, if nothing else. This gives you as the buyer the knowledge that your product has been serviced and is fully working. You always have a one week 'open purchase period' where you have the right to return the item within one weeks from the purchase date and receive a full refund

In the unlikely case of a product being stolen goods

We work very hard to ensure we know the origins of all items in our stock, but in the extremely unlikely case we find out a product we sold was a stolen item, we would replace it with a similar product as soon as possible.

Extended warranty

You can purchase an extended warranty on products you buy from us. This is an add-on offered when you order the product.

What is covered by warranty?

The warranty covers failures and breakages that are not caused by misuse (such as water damage, dropping or other external occurrences).

How do you return a product under warranty?

If you have bought a product and it breaks down before the warranty has expired you can activate a warranty claim through your account or just send your device to us with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.

Send it well packed to: Royal Avenue Electronics Trading LLC ,Shop No20 Al Zarooni Building Frij Murar Deira Dubai. If it cannot be fixed within two weeks we then reserve the right to replace it for you with an equivalent product.If you have any questions in regards to warranties please don't hesitate to contact us.